Notes on Reade Visit

Note: huge difference between how he himself writes on the cards and what they look like when the secretary copies them afterwards. Secretary’s is neater, with sections spaced out by straight double-lines in purple ink. Why purple? Did he use purple for all of his cards, or did that distinguish Hard Cash from other books?



First notecard.

Notes for

Hard Cash

Comprising, Medical, maritime, religious, scientific, matter, etc. Books,

journals, facts, maxims, dialogue, Dicksonia


This is a disease all doctors, except Saul, are afflicted with. Saul to speak of it as a disease. Specimens with articles “Goose grease” and “donkey Latin.”





Begs Julia not to speak to her, coming from Church, even about the Sermon.

Learns to pray, walking


True Feminine Trait[s]

Her distress on sick bed at hearing the church-bells, and unable to go (A.N.49) [what do those numbers mean?]

often too late for dinner.

I do so covet the honor of turning many to righteousness in order to shine like a star. [What?? What does this mean, where does it come from?]



Character of Jane Hardie

[Pro/Con list in two columns]


Insert the natural affections.

Will you oblige me by using the

enclosed to give yourself fires

in your bedroom during this

severe winter?

Query—the two hundred pounds offered in the most ladylike way



Liquefaction and persona of Holy Writ

Saturday Rev. July 19 x 62.

Perversion of the Holy Writ. See

Christian Remembrances July./56

For I the matter will record

which madness would gambol

from: but grand conceit.

Egotism—feels her own pulse

remembers, in dialogue, what

she said, forgets what others say.

Letter-writing on ordinary sub-

jects is a sad waste of precious

time and very unpardonable

amongst [the Lord’s] His people.

(at the bottom of the column, beside a note that crosses both columns reading

“How sweet it is to be passive

in His hands and Know no

will but His” – does this suggest that this feeling of hers is both a pro and a con? Kind of like a ven diagram):

Interpretation of Canticles on the principles of top Knot come down.

[Then, on card 4D1, “Often, later, compares herself to Jeremiah”]





Wherever she went she left behind her a savour of Christ



Section entitled “Scientific” is empty







Alfred: Well, I don’t know many English writers, except the great swells.

“Why are they?”

“Why, Shakespeare, and Milton, and Addison, and so on.” (marks for “and.” Also, no person is attributed to the quotation marks. Was it Reade himself who thought them and asked the question of himself, or did he mean this to be a conversation in the book?)



17 Q1




Dicta Phrases


à Jane Hardie

“Everyone living must be God’s child, or Satan’s slave”

(He writes in quotes, but they are not quoted from anywhere (he made up the quotes himself, then put them in quotes on the card. At least, it seems this way because the quotes do not pop up on google))


A Husband

“What cause have I to bless God for that dear woman.”


Women’s Phrases

“Eternal use of “so” for “very”—“dear, dear”—“Sweet, Sweet,” and general repetition of th’adjective.

The ripe Christian is like the yellow corn, he holds his head lower than when he was green.



Very Hard Cash: A Novel (Illustrated)

Some illustrations in the first 50 pages or so, then few afterwards



Book detailing Reade’s notes about women

description: small book, about the size of a moleskin notebook, very delicate; handwritten


Female trait: They are so deceitful. They throw dust in the very sun’s eye.

this condemned as  hyperbole