Research Interest

I am interested in looking at the evolution/interpretation/interaction between the languages in the text with the language that is indexed out of text and how Reade has integrated them within his text.

Notecard 17.Q1 has a bunch of out-of-context quotes in comparison to quotes with characters assigned on pages 75-79 of the transcriptions (Probabilia 1A- 2A) and I would like to see:
1. Whether these “sources” have been noted as sources when integrated into the text
1a. What it means when they are not sourced/What does it say about the culture of indexing, borrowing, copyright, intellectual property?
2. How these “quoting” or non-quoting practices have evolved not only through novel as text but also through the lens of reviewing/reviewer’s quoting practices that we’ve discussed in previous weeks.
3. How these out-of-context quotes are shaped by the characters/narrator who uses them.

In a similar vein, I would also like to look at how specific paratexts have been printed in the text vs. how they have been indexed within the notecards, if they have been so. More pertaining to the illustrations, songs, letters, etc. rather than medicinal notes/language of law.